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Monadnock AutoLock 26 in Exp. Black Chrome Baton Super Grip

The AutoLock was developed through cutting-edge engineering that combined the advantages of friction lock and positive lock technology.The technologically advanced, patented AutoLock baton is ready at hand when you need...
$154.50 $127.15
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Monadnock 24 in Rigid Side Handle Baton

This PR-24 side-handle baton offers maximum protection. It is the most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking. This fixed length rigid polycarbonate baton is designed for close-quarter confrontations and...
$59.00 $57.41
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Maxpedition TC-1 Pouch Black

Multi-purpose tool pouch designed for your every day micro-organizational needs. Overall dimensions: 3"(L) x 1.5"(W) x 6"(H)* Sides: 2 rows, 1 channel PALS (each side)* Back: TC Belt Loop, with...
$24.99 $23.67
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Maxpedition Mini Rollypoly Folding Dump Pouch OD Green

The Mini Rollypoly is a folding dump pouch designed to hold a standard 32 oz. / 1L Nalgene or smaller water bottle. Bungee cord cinch and hook-and-loop flap lid secure...
$26.99 $24.86
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Hyskore Over and Out AM-FM Radio Hearing Protector

The Hyskore Over & Out Radio Hearing Protector provides entertainment for these times when you are involved in boring, repetitive tasks, or just want to hang out. As a bonus,...
$49.99 $31.07
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Blackhawk 6 Pack Speed Clips 3 Inch Coyote Tan

These clips are designed to mount Speed Clip 3800 Series pouches to any S.T.R.I.K.E. or PALS/MOLLE platform, but can also be used with MOLLE 3700 Series or USA MOLLE 3900...
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Monadnock 24 in Side Handle Baton w-Knurled Grip

This 24" PR-24 polycarbonate side-handle baton offers maximum protection. It is the most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking. The expandable design is combat ready with a flick of...
$118.50 $99.00
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Monadnock Double Cuff 10 Pack Black

Disposable Double CuffDispo restraints are a lightweight and effective tool for controlling both wrists and ankles. It has a tensile strength of more than 400 lbs. and provides ample space...
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Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Quad Muff w-Bluetooth - Black

Razor Slim Electronic Quad Muff (Black) including Bluetooth syncs with mobile devices. Features integrated communication mic with four hi gain Omni directional microphones. Low noise/frequency tuned for natural sound clarity...
$129.99 $95.27
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Pro Ears ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs - NRR 25 Typhon

Pro Ears ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs are designed for smaller heads and ears. These NRR 25 electronic ear muffs are designed from the ground up to fit smaller heads. All...
$59.99 $54.56
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Blackhawk C.I.A ID Lanyard Black

The C.I.A. (Credentials Information Access) Lanyard is a great carrier for your CAC card or other electronic ID. Cards slide in quickly, lock into place and can be removed easily....
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Maxpedition Barnacle Black

Modular pouch fits most Point & Shoot cameras. Overall size: 4.5" (H) x 3.5" (W) x 1.5 (L)�� Designed to be compact, it takes up only a small area on...
$25.99 $24.21