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BugBand towelettes (case of 12 units) with insect repelling lotion provide a handy, easy to use method of applying geraniol deet-free mosquito repellent. The lightweight 4 twin packs travel anywhere and take up very little space. Ideal for use around adult faces, necks, and exposed skin. Dermatology tested and hypoallergenic, these towelettes have proved to be very effective for use in extra buggy areas or simply doing your favorite outdoor activities. Please use as directed.
Naturally derived insect repellent 4 2pk individual foil towelette travels anywhere light weight lasts up to 6 hours simply wipe on exposed skin areas
Deet free towelettes with insect repelling lotion tested on and successfully found highly effective dermatologist tested and approved hypo allergenic
3rd party laboratory tested in repelling the aedes aegypti mosquito also known as the tiger mosquito
Repels other insects such as biting midges also known as no see ums and ticks
Perfect for families with pets, horses, and livestock during calving season