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The DS-600 Compound Bow Package 40-50lbs right hand, is a great hunting bow. It's the best value you will find in any bow if you're looking for cutting edge technology at an entry level price. Its machined alloy riser and efficient E-Flex limbs coupled with Darton's Dualsync cam system will get you started with shooting qualities you only find in top end bows. The 600 comes with a complete set of draw modules and an adjustable positive draw stop. These features give this bow the flexibility to grow with the archer or to be passed on to other family members.
Muddy Girl camo compound bow package 40-50lbs right hand
IBO 305-310 FPS
Brace height 7 1/2"
Mass weight: 4 lbs.
Package comes with 4 arrow quiver, sight and capture type rest