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Our latest Do All Outdoors Black Colored EarShield Series 2 Channel BTE's (Behind The Ears) with BOOST Technology are the smallest clearest, best sounding hearing enhancers on the market today! Weighing less than 1/4 ounce, they pack in all of the power most anyone needs, and with sound activated compresstion you will protect your hearing from harmfull sound like muzzle blast at the same time. All EarShield BTE's come with both left and right fitted sound tubes. The EarShield Boost 2 has up to 30dB of gain, and 4 volume settings, 100% digital and fully programmable.
Small in size, weighing less than 1/4 ounce
Comes with left and right fitted sound tubes
Dual layer foam tips for better feel and protection
30dB of gain with 4 pre-set volume settings
Two digital channels with Dynamic Contrast Detection
High performance shaping filters for optimal target matching
Comes with carrying case, cleaning tool and batteries