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Next G2 Camo Earshield Dual Muffs from Do All Outdoors provides you with the top of the line hearing protction while improving your hearing up to 7X's. With state of the art Sound Activated Compression to protect you from sounds above 85dB and 50dB power you will hear the soft ambient sounds you have been missing while protecting your hearing. Dual Muff features 2 Omni Driection Mics with tough iron gauze covers. A noise reduction rating of 45dB Gain. Classic cup and individual volume control and an ergonimic headband. Available in various colors
Features classic low profile cup
Soft leatherette EarSeals
Ergonomic headband
Noise reduction rating 25dB
2 omni directional microphones
Amazing 45dB of power
Sound Activated Compresstion for sounds above 85dB