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Our patented technology allows our solar to be the most rugged and flexible on the market. This rugged construction gives the Commandr Series the ability to operate in even the harshest conditions. The Commandr Series can be dropped, kicked, run over by a car, and can even get wet and still be fully functional.
The 45 is a 45 watt lightweight flexible solar panel, designed to power medium and small electronics, such as laptops, cell phones,tablets, and our generator 100 & 1200 solar generators
All Day Output: Superior dawn to dusk performance & higher output on cloudy, overcast or shaded conditions compared to other Technologies
Rugged: water resistant & designed for the harshest conditions including withstanding shocks, drops and minor punctures
Made in the USA: American manufactured thin-film solar technology you can TRUST.
Weight: 4.5 lbs