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The FireDisc 4' Conversion Adaptor hose will connect your FireDisc to a 20lb. Propane tank. This hose can be used with any of the FireDisc Cookers. Youve already invested in one of the best portable cookers on the market a FireDisc Cooker but if you are cooking on in the backyard and as much as most of our customers then your cooker is not complete without a 4 ft. Appliance Conversion Adapter LP Hose. The hose comes complete with a complementary 1-year warranty, which protects you in the event that the hose arrives damaged or gradually becomes damaged. When youre searching for the best portable grills, forget the charcoal grills and grab yourself a FireDisc cooker and dont forget your adapter hose.
Make sure the Fire Disc regulator is at the off position
Connect the 4' adapter hose to the 20 lb. propane tank
Turn on the 20 lb. propane tank
Let the 4' adapter hose fill for 45-60 seconds
Turn on the cooker regulator and light

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