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Vendor: Guard Dog Security
From a line of practical, affordable and lifesaving products, the Guard Dog Security presents the ProFrame, a household bulletproof picture frame tested and certified by the National Institute of Justice for level IIIA protection, you can get behind the most threatening of situations. In the event of an unexpected break-in or armed violence, the Guard Dog ProFrame provides a home and office solution that conceals lifesaving protection on a daily basis without causing alarm. Place the frame in an easy to access location that showcases your favorite memory, yet instantly doubles as a ballistic cover in a grab-and-shield situation. Built with lightweight bulletproof technology, this picture frame weighs only ounces more and is the same thickness as a non-armored alternative. Shield yourself and loved ones with protection when you expect it the least, yet need it most with the Guard Dog Security ProFrame.
Ballistic picture frame allows for the fastest accessibility and protection in the event of intrusion
NIJ Level IIIA Certified for bulletproof protection - certification included
Back straps allow you to swiftly grab the picture frame to use as a ballistic shield
Solid wood frame enhances images while adapting to any d*cor with a lightweight design with the same thickness as a non-armored picture frame
Functional 16"x 20" frame allows you to easily change pictures