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  • REVOLUTIONIZED 2020 FEVER DETECTION TECHNOLOGY - Our DMT-511 Forehead Thermometer for Kids is equipped with the latest infrared scan lens technology. It is precision engineered to detect even the slightest rise in temperature.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED FOR UNMATCHED RELIABILITY - Our Digital Temporal Thermometer has been extensively clinically tested. That’s how we know our DMT-511 is accurate and reliable. And that’s how it will help you to take care of your kids.
  • SILENT MODE AND BACKLIT DISPLAY WITH FEVER INDICATION - The mute button and backlit display allow you to take your little one’s temperature in the dark, without waking them up. After all, sleep is the best medicine!
  • CALIBRATED FOR FOREHEAD, EAR AND OBJECT MEASUREMENTS - This infant thermometer is calibrated to measure not only body temperatures but also the temperature of objects. Perfect when you want to check if your infant's room, bottle or bath isn’t too hot!