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JETBeam has always focused on high-performance LED flashlights. Thanks to its excellent performance and outstanding workmanship, it has a stellar reputation and has been widely used in multiple fields, including outdoor activities, military use, law enforcement, industrial lighting, aviation, marine, etc. In some areas, JETBeam has been regarded as one of the leading mid-to-high end flashlight brands and flashlight technology development explorers. The EYE30 merges three lamps into one for an ideal outdoor search flashlight with a removable handle for comfortable prolonged use
Specially designed for applications of outdoor search, cross-country driving, collecting and gift-giving
Advanced magnetic ring dimming technology
Directly rechargeable with AC charger or car charger
Three Cree XM-L2 lamps in one for maximum output up to 2000 lumens
New generation of "Crystal Coating Technology" along with "Precision Digital Optics Technology" achieves a beam throw of 380 meters