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A great way to make sure you have got a dependable set of handcuffs, the Monadnock Cuff Spare Cuff 100 Pack White was created to be a great tool for almost any law enforcement expert. An effective handcuff can keep your suspect held and your hands free to do more valuable tasks. Due to the Monadnock Cuff Spare Cuff 100 Pack White, accessing an excellent set of handcuffs has not been easier. In an attempt to make sure that you have a resilient and trustworthy pair of hand cuffs, these Handcuffs from Monadnock are designed utilizing the sturdy components you've come to count on from this outstanding company.
Standard single cuff for controlling both wrists/forearms and ankles
22.00 in when laid flat
0.50 in wide with beveled edges to reduce protential for subject injury