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The Flashflight was designed by a professional Ultimate player, so it performs beautifully. Made of lightweight, durable materials, with true balance and long, straight flight, it weighs in at 185 grams and looks, feels, and flies like the highest quality non-illuminated discs. In other words, you'll want to reach for it even during the day. But at night, with a simple press of the switch, the long-life (100,000 hours) Flashflight LED lights up with a patented fiber-optic array that extends to its rim, so the entire disc is illuminated from every angle. It provides endless hours of nighttime entertainment, for everyone from the serious athlete to your crazy Uncle Max. Great for lawn, park, and beach games, it's water-resistant and comes with easily replaceable, long-life batteries.
Weighs 185 grams
10.5" diameter
Easily replaceable 2 x 2016 3V lithium batteries included
Push-button on/off switch
Water resistant - floats
Micro-chip controlled LED cycles through the color spectrum
Attractive foil stamp design