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EVX "b" Series Rod, Cranking Rod is a two 7-foot crankbait rod featuring the slowest actions in the lineup at moderate/moderate-fast. Expect smooth, long casts with the rod generating a lot of line speed. The rod delivers great feel as the lure action resonates all the way through the blank. For hooksets, just continue cranking through the strike and sweep the rod in a long arc rather than snap-set. You'll find treble hooks deeply buried in jaws and keep fish buttoned up all the way to the boat. For shallow to medium dive depths and lipless cranks, begin with the medium action, rated for 8 to 17 lb. line and 1/8 to 5/8 oz. lures.
Two-piece cranking rod
30 Ton ultra sensitive Rod carbon blank construction
Stainless steel Alps guide frames
Screw down EVA foregirp to hide reel seat threads
Limited Lifetime Warranty