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Vendor: Polyform
Polyform's G Series fender was first produced back in the mid 1980's and immediately became the standard by which all other utility boat fenders are judged. In all this time it remains the best value for the money and outperforms similar style fenders which cost 30-50% more. No fender design has been copied more that our G Series. This entry level product incorporates the same material, valve and high gloss finish that is a trademark of our top end yacht fenders.
A general purpose, value boat fender made by Polyform and manufactured in the USA
G-6 fenders are recommended for boats between 30 and 40 ft. in length
Designed for recreational, trailered boats in protected moorings
G-6 boat fenders measure 11 in. diameter and 30 in. tall, with an eye diameter of 0.875 in.
This fender ships as a single unit, pre-inflated, with a Polyform inflation valve to adjust pressure