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Vendor: Smith & Wesson
A highly versatile flashlight, the Galaxy 12-LED Flashlight from Smith & Wesson features eight white, two red, and two blue LEDs. The ultra bright white LEDs offer general lighting and visibility within 20 feet, the red LEDs provide night vision, and the blue LEDs are ideal for low-light viewing. This flashlight features the latest Multiple Switch Advanced Technology system (MSAT), which allows the white LEDs to operate on one switch while the red and blue modes are activated on a separate switch. This allows you to never second guess which mode you are turning on so you will never lose your natural night vision. The Galaxy includes three AAA batteries and a holster. The limited lifetime warranty guarantees the quality and reliability you have come to expect from Smith & Wesson since 1852.
Durable aluminum body construction
Dual switch technology
Multiple colors at the touch of a button
Bulbs never burn out
3AAA batteries included