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Prevent flying insects from spoiling the majesty of the night with the Stansport lantern/bug zapper! An ultraviolet LED attracts insects, luring them into an electrified grid, where they are painlessly exterminated. This 1000 volt grid maintains insect-killing power for a full 24 hours! In addition to keeping your camp bug-free, this lantern bathes your night in 180- lumens of flicker-free LED light, and includes low, medium, and high settings. Better, the whole package includes a 24 inch USB to micro USB charging cord, so you'll never worry about forgetting the batteries again!
180 lumen lantern with low, medium, and high settings
Ultraviolet LED attracts insects to electrified grid
5 watts power a 1000 volt grid to effectively kill insects
Includes 24 inch USB to micro USB charging cord
Retractable hanging loop and hook
Run times: Lantern runs from 4 to 18 hours. Insect zapper runs up to 24 hours