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The Tackle Webs Low Lever Pedestal Seat System comes with a circle bracket, spacer shim and four stainless steel bolts which is easily installed between the seat and the pedestal mount. The Tackle Webs bag snaps on, wrapping around the bracket and connecting at the open ends. There are two large pockets in the front and back in typical Tackle Webs fashion and there are two pockets on the sides for pliers or a drink. The Tackle Webs Pedestal Seat System allows for anglers to keep necessities handy such as baits, towels, pliers, buoys, cell phones and more. The Tackle Webs Pedestal Seat System is made of the highest quality UV bonded marine materials, has been speed tested over 75MPH on open water.
361 degree of storage does not impede with legs or deck space
Easy to snap on and off
Comes with installation plate, spacer shim and 4 stainless steel bolts
Marine Grade Materials
Rated for use over 75mph
Velcro pocket closure
Store small tackle boxes, dock lines, marker buoys, gloves, soft plastic packs and more*