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Vendor: UST Brands
The Trekker stormproof lighter features an extra large fuel tank to provide over 1,000 ignitions on one fill. The stainless steel wire closure with a rubberized casing make it watertight. Catalyzer coil provides ultimate windproof flame that withstands winds of 70-80mph. Burns a clean hot flame of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit off of quadruple refined butane. Flame indicator glows when lighter is ignited and fuel level window located on lighters side for easy viewing. Slim design gives easy to one-handed operation. Lanyard included.
Extra large fuel tank
Piezo-electric ignition system for lighting in wet conditions and good for over 30,000 ignitions
Flame indicator window and fuel level indicator window included
Adjustable flame for optimum performance in altitudes up to 8,000 feet
Withstands winds of 70-80mph